Top 5 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Bathroom (and Your Quality of Life)

Bathrooms, like many areas of the home, are a practical and necessary space in our day-to-day lives. Mainly, that is where we go to clean ourselves and use the bathroom. If it checks that box, it meets the bare minimum requirement for functionality, and at the least, we can go about our life with one of our most basic human needs met.

But once we move beyond the simple utility of a toilet and running water, it’s worth considering how our bathrooms not only keep us presentable but also how they can improve the quality of our lives.

Homeowners come to us for various reasons. Maybe the kids are getting bigger and more bathroom space is needed, or maybe they’re ready to finally treat themselves to that bathroom upgrade in the master bedroom.

Whatever the reason is, we believe that this little sanctuary deserves to be more than just an afterthought. Your bathroom is where you start and finish your day. It’s a space of transformation, self-care, and preparation. We spend hours each week contemplating, reflecting, cleansing, and grooming, and these spaces should be places that foster inspiration and refreshment.

Below, we’ve put together a list of the five most significant ways a remodel can improve your bathroom.

MN Shower Remodel Before


MN Shower Remodel After


1. Use of Space

Larger bathrooms often sound luxurious and enticing, but adding square footage to a space is often more expensive, and often not physically feasible. A more effective approach is to consider how your bathroom layout might be improved. This is where our designers make all the difference. At J&RS we’ve seen and worked with all types of bathroom remodels, and our designers are well-versed in making bathrooms more practical spaces.

Some questions you might ask yourself when considering your bathroom layout include:

  • How many people will be utilizing the bathroom at once? If it’s a master bathroom for you and your spouse, do you prefer separate sinks, or maybe you're willing to share a vanity?
  • Where will the toilet be located in proximity to other features? Having the toilet hidden or out of sight can put the emphasis on more appealing parts of the bathroom and offer more privacy for the person using it.
  • What part of the bathroom do you spend the most time using? What features are a priority?
  • Where do you want closets or cabinets located? Is there a more convenient location to place these storage areas so that you can access them quickly and easily?

These are just a few questions to get the juices flowing. Every person will have different needs and concerns. Think about your bathroom routine, how you move about your space, and start to imagine what your ideal bathroom space could look like.

2. Shower & Tub

One of the most exciting parts of a new bathroom remodel is the shower or tub. When it comes to giving yourself a little spa treatment in your own home, upgrading your shower or adding a large soaking tub is what many people dream about.

But it’s also important to think about the best option for you and your day-to-day needs.

In some situations, having the convenience of both a shower and a tub is absolutely necessary. You may need a decent size bathtub to let the kids play in, as well as a shower for adults. Having both can be a practical decision and provides flexibility.

Of course, if you’re willing to go without one of these two options, you can just focus on one really high-end option. This takes some self-awareness — are you a shower person or a bath person? But it allows you the luxury of making your shower space larger or upgrading a standard bathtub into a luxury hot tub.

Tiled showers are one of our favorite features to design: the possibilities with tile are endless. We also put careful thought into choosing showerheads and bath faucets. For instance, a rain shower and a handheld shower offer two very different shower experiences. And even just a simple swap from a low- to a high-pressure shower fixture can improve your shower routine.

Custom Shower Remodel With Hexagon Tile in Duluth MN

3. Let There Be Light!

Many times we put up with poor lighting in a bathroom because we need privacy. But the fact remains that natural light ALWAYS enhances the beauty of a space. A well-lit space affects the way we view ourselves when we’re getting ready in the morning and preparing for the day. If you’re going to make a dramatic improvement on your bathroom space, adding a window(s) that will allow as much light as possible is essential!

One of the harder things about adding windows to a bathroom is that you need to maintain privacy. But that doesn’t always have to mean glass block or frosted windows. Take the picture below for example. Our client decided to go with a long narrow clerestory window over the top of their vanity. This creates an abundance of natural light streaming into the bathroom, and also connects the indoor environment to the outdoor surroundings -- definitely a plus in Duluth! All of this while also maintaining the privacy of the homeowners because of the location of the window.

Bathroom Remodel in Duluth MN

4. An Upgraded Vanity

Vanities have the potential to be the showstopper of any bathroom.

The cabinetry, tile, and mirrors that make up any bathroom wash area are well-loved spaces. Putting on makeup, brushing teeth, washing your hands and face, grooming yourself, are essential everyday tasks that help us feel better about our appearance, and help us to rejuvenate our bodies. We should make this a special place that brings joy and positive energy whenever we look at it.

At J&RS we offer several lines of modern and practical products from cabinet drawers and pantries, to closets and storage space. Designing these features in a thoughtful and convenient way is vital to creating a better bathroom!

Some questions to ask:

  • Where do you keep the essential items and how much space do you need to store them?
  • Do you need a wall-to-wall vanity with extra counter space? Or can you get away with a smaller vanity and more room to move and dance around when you're feeling inspired?
  • What’s your personal style? Do you like dark wood tones? Or maybe you prefer a bright and airy feel?
MN Bathroom Remodel Before


MN Bathroom Remodel After


We can’t talk about vanities without also discussing countertops. Investing in a durable and well-made countertop from our vendors will ensure your bathroom can handle all the water, body hair, and grooming products you can manage to splash at it!

5. Tile & Ceramics

Finally, one of the most effective ways to bring your bathroom to life is through beautiful tiles and wall and floor materials. Again, this is where you can collaborate with a designer to ensure that your bathroom space brings joy every time you walk in.

We love minimal modern designs like the large hexagonal tiled walls in this Lakeside bathroom remodel picture below. The large-scale hexagon pattern creates a feeling of openness and the white helps enhance the brightness of the entire room.

Bathroom Remodel in Duluth MN

In Conclusion

So if you can’t tell, we believe that the bathroom is a sacred space that you deserve to enjoy! It’s true that bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in your home, and by making them more functional and beautiful, you can greatly enhance your quality of life every day! If you’ve been putting off a bathroom remodel for too long and feel like it’s about that time, come visit us at our showroom in West Duluth, and let’s get inspired about how we can make your bathroom a better place to live.

J&RS is a start to finish construction company and design showroom located in Duluth, Minnesota. Our start to finish design-build process ensures a one-of-a-kind remodel and home building experience. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about custom homes, remodels, or our design process, please get in touch.

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