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"I cannot say enough about the crew, they always got back to us. When they said there was a certain time they would be here, they would be here. They worked out very well, and they were very considerate. They worked very hard on getting things done on time!" -Dave & Jean - Superior Shores Kitchen Remodel
Superior Shores Kitchen Remodel D. of Two Harbors, MN
Monday, August 15th
"When we bought this house the garage was falling in on itself. We found a contractor who got the work started, but then all of a sudden they just stopped. We were left with a giant crater. We were lucky enough that a friend recommended J&R. They came out and gave us an incredibly competitive bid. We accepted and they got to work ahead of schedule. The entire time they kept us updated step by step through their wonderful software called co-construct. We couldn't be happier with how it turned out. Our expectations were far exceeded, and now we have this beautiful deck that we get to share with our friends and family." - Richard Fraser J&R customer
Lakeside Garage & Deck Renovation - Duluth M. of Duluth, MN
Monday, August 15th
"My kids came in here, my oldest is 40, and they were like this is a brand new house! This is something I dreamed about for a long time and it turned out just like I wanted it, and better!" - Vicky & Scott
Kitchen Remodel V. of Duluth, MN
Monday, August 15th
"The thing that sets J&RS apart, every time I've worked with them, is their unique ability to capture what I want" -Shane Stolp - Trinity Road Apartments
Shane S. of Duluth, MN
Monday, August 15th
"Our project was finished on time, it couldn't have been smoother as far as keeping on a schedule. We gave them some challenges totally beyond their control. and all along their schedule set forth on Co-Construct, they met every interim deadline that they put on that schedule, I was very impressed" "How were the crew and foreman to work with? Everybody down the line, all along. These guys are very professional, they were always eager to do the work, and always helpful. They were terrific, I cant say enough about them!"   -O'Connor/Bellin Customers
North Shore Home O. of Duluth, MN
Monday, August 15th
"What impressed me the most about working with J&R is they were very receptive to anything that came up during the process, they addressed any concern I had. Whatever was important to me I felt was important to them. The project went so smoothly, it really did, it was amazing!"   -Charlie & Carolyn
Charlie & Carolyn B. of Duluth, MN
Monday, August 15th
"My favorite part was I just knew they were doing quality work, so that was the most important thing to me, that we were getting a good product for what we were spending. The communication was really easy. The whole project went as planned without any major snafus which was wonderful!" -Corey & Melissa
Corey & Melissa R. of Duluth, MN
Monday, August 15th
"This project was one that was very important that we did it right, and the really fascinating thing about this whole project was the end result!" -Shane Stolp - Duluth Kitchen and Living Room Remodel
Shane & Melanie - Kitchen and Living Room Remodel S. of Duluth, MN
Monday, August 15th
"The thing I liked the best, when he sat down and gave us a timeline, and he was adamant that he would hit that timeline and they did!" - Jeremy & Karen - Kitchen Remodel
Karen & Jeremy J. of Duluth, MN
Monday, August 15th
"One of the big reasons we chose J&R was their commitment to a software program that they have called Co-Construct that allowed us to be in communication with them and to understand the progress being made on the project. J&R did a great job, we are very pleased with how things turned out!" Andy & Pat Johnson - Park Point Addition and Remodel
Pat & Andy J. of Duluth, MN
Monday, August 15th
Testimonial Photo by Eastridge Customer ..
J&RS has been a blessing to us. Great work ethic, very professional, respectful. We’ve never seen such young workers enjoy their work and take pride in it too. Very transparent in all their negotiations. We trust them very much with all the incredible work they do. Thank you very much. We are grateful.
Eastridge Customer .. of Woodbury, MN
Monday, March 14th
Testimonial Photo by Lakeside Customer
"Ray, Bridget, Matt and the team, we just wanted to thank you for the work on our bathroom project. We love it! When we wandered into your showroom last summer we got a sense that we would like working with you and we were right! Each of you has made a difference in the project, and the rest of the team was wonderful to have in our house! We are glad the early wake up calls are over, but it was all so worth it! We will enjoy the bathroom for years to come!"  
Lakeside Customer of Duluth, MN
Monday, August 1st
J&RS kept us up to date with their wonderful software program Co-Construct. The project was completed on time and even ahead of schedule. We couldn’t be happier with our new deck and garage.
Name of Lakeside, MN
Friday, February 4th
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