Are Home Care Programs worth it?

Home care subscriptions vary in cost and scope, so the main questions you should ask are, what can I afford? What services will I be receiving? In most cases, it is worth it to be a member of an annual home care program unless you have the knowledge and expertise to inspect, maintain and repair your own home.


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Did you know it is possible to put over 3 million miles on a vehicle? It is. Irving Gordon holds the world record for the highest mileage on a personal car, with 3.2 million miles on his 1966 Volvo 1800S.

How is this even possible? Gordons’s philosophy on keeping his car running forever was simple: Follow the factory’s service manual and replace worn or broken parts immediately.

The systems that operate in our homes are a little bit different. We can all agree that maintenance is essential to the longevity of any mechanical system. Yet we often neglect to follow the factory's service manual on our HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems and are surprised or alarmed when our systems fail us at inopportune times.


What is the purpose of the “J&RS Home Care Program?”


At J&RS, our mission is to "touch every home in our community." With our mission in mind, we expanded upon our remodeling services by creating the best home care program in town.

The first step was to reduce the anxiety about homeownership. Anxiety, by definition, is fear of the unknown. Our technicians 100 point inspection will show the potential issues within your home to ensure that you can make the necessary repairs on your terms.

The second step was to ensure that this program addresses all home maintenance needs in one program. This program will cover an inspection of everything that has to do with the functionality and safety of your home, including plumbing, heating, electrical, structural, and energy.

The third step we wanted to do was to make it highly affordable. When it comes to your home's safety and longevity, we do not want money to be a barrier to having a safe house. The membership is $24.99 a month and is set up to be automatically charged to your credit or debit card. After one year of making monthly payments, we come out to do our inspections; unless you want to get an assessment right away, you can pay $299.88 immediately, and then the $24.99 will come out every month.


Who Will Be in My Home?


In the spring of 2021, we hired Marlin Sundberg to head the Plumbing and Heating team at J&RS. Marlin is a Certified Master Plumber and HVAC specialist. Marlin has seven years of experience in the plumbing and HVAC world and an ambitious attitude and positive energy. This positive attitude is welcome here at J&RS, and we are happy to have him on our team.

Matt Ward has been with J&RS for over five years, and in that time, he has proved himself as an expert in the home remodeling trade. His great attitude and credentials will give you peace of mind when he performs his general carpentry portion of the inspection.

J&RS has teamed up with Doug Homola from Nor’east Electric to fulfill the electrical needs within your Home Care Program. Doug has worked in the electrical industry for over thirty years. He is a certified Master Electrician with a wide range of electrical experience, which includes residential wiring, generation, transmission, and distribution of medium voltage, as well as estimating and project management.


What happens if our technicians find an issue?


Our technicians will likely have a few issues, but every case has its severity; our technicians will be able to bring the more urgent items to the top of their list and ask if you would like a quote on the necessary repairs.


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 What Are the Advantages of Being a Member?


On top of the plumbing, HVAC, electrical, general home construction, and energy inspections, there are exclusive advantages of being a member.

- 10% OFF Repairs

Whether you call us to repair or we find something in the inspection, all of your repairs qualify for a 10% Discount.

-  15% OFF Replacement Equipment

If you decide to upgrade or replace any of your mechanical equipment, Water Heater, Boiler, Furnace, Mini-Split, Condenser, etc., you will qualify for a 15% discount.

- Priority Service

If you have an emergency, let’s say your furnace quits in the winter. We will drop what we are doing to save the day!

- Carefree Scheduling

You do not have to worry about remembering when your next inspection and maintenance visit is due. We will reach out to you to schedule the appointment when the time comes.

- Waved Show Up Fee

Most home improvement companies charge a minimum show-up fee, regardless of the extent of the work. We do as well, our price is $275, but we waive it if you are a member of our Home Care Program. So if you have any issues with your home's mechanical systems, we show up for free and only charge you for our work.

- Warranties are maintained

Many must realize that their equipment warranties may be voided if proper maintenance is not performed annually.

- Equipment Efficiency

Your equipment is most efficient when it is properly maintained.


It Is Too Good to Be True!


Any time the deal seems too good, we get cautious; this is a normal reaction. What is the catch, right?

There is no catch. The reason we offer this exclusive membership at such a reasonable rate is to take a step toward fulfilling our vision of touching every home in our community. We also value the ability to connect face-to-face with our customer base, and this program helps us create customers for life.


Should I Sign up?


Yes! We are a little biased, of course, but if you have any anxiety or concerns about your home's safety and health, look no further, we guarantee that you will not find a home care program in town that is as affordable and comprehensive as ours. Spend a penny to save a dollar!

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